Our groups discipline is to be silent. My interest in this assignment is to see how I am going to be able to connect with God through being silent. This could be difficult for me to do because I do not like to sit in silents and dont like to sit still for a long time. But I think I should be able to take an hour out of my day to be silent with God.

10,000 reasons

This song was written by Matt Redman and with his friend Jonas Myrin. They said that this song was the perfect fit for the start of Psalms 103. He says that the point of the song is that if you wake up one morning and can’t think of a reason to bring God some kind of offering of thanks or praise, then you can be sure that there is something wrong at the end of your pipeline, and not his. We live beneath an unceasing flow of goodness, kindness, greatness, and holiness, and everyday we are given reason after reason why Jesus isĀ  so completely and utterly of our highest and best devotion.

After reading about 10,000 reasons I am able to get a better understanding of why this song was written. Matt Redman wanted us to understand that God gives us many things that we dont give thanks for and that we need to thank him after all the things that he has done for us.

My ideal worship is something that relates to me. If I am able to relate to what my priest is saying then I am able to get a better feel on what he is talking about. Also I don’t like the speaker to be boring. I prefer strong story’s that have meaning and that can be funny but then can go back to being serious.